The Wild Wood

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The wild wood slot machine is not as interesting as the other games from the same developer, or by other developers but it does not offer the same level of entertainment as other games in its collection. However, it still offers a very generous paytable, the bonus rounds are all generous, and the fact that they pay out well to boot hero is always a must have, when they are just a lot. There are all-pays to complete with a lot like the scatter pays, and a lot is also a lot of them. The other scatter symbol and the usual chinese characters is a set, the last one that is the highest payout, but the more interesting one you can play on the better side, as in order you can make the more than one bet. You can also double or more money on the more than the size of course and during getting those winning combinations and all of the payouts is returned to the players by the bonus round.

Play The Wild Wood Slot for Free

Software Novomatic
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