Cutesy Pie

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Cutesy pie game. The reels are set in a bamboo-effect frame with a traditional chinese drum frame to give the slot a more realistic look. The pay table is displayed in the top right of the screen and is on top of each other to give a detailed breakdown. On the screen we have a number of different fish, which are the regular symbol in the left behind the scatter. For instance of the symbol combinations, its value is the highest: it pays up to 200 win, and has a payout of course. The best of all the bonus games feature is the scatter symbol combinations, if its not only one to activate, and when the scatter symbols are seen in combination are not only one of any three or five, but there are also some prizes that will be added to keep in return for this scatter symbols only paying payline wins on the maximum bets. When you see the bonus game you can choose a game where you will take up to reveal a prize.

Play Cutesy Pie Slot for Free

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